I'm Naveen Dittakavi - I run a Ruby on Rails software consultancy in Atlanta, GA.

Let’s face it. Even though we’re our own boss, we’re not working on the things that we really want to do.

We love helping out our clients and delivering interesting solutions to their problems but after a while, it starts to get routine.

My effective hourly rate is over $200 per hour. On certain projects I make $500/hour or more.

I work from home, a Starbucks, or from a co-working space. My friends never understood why I was unhappy with how things were going.

It's because my personal priorities and projects were always on the back burner.

So in 2012, I decided that I had had enough and I started down a path to build recurring revenue.

At the end of 2012, I thought I was on to something, but I was very nervous about making the changes required to build significant recurring revenue.

That December, I had an opportunity to meet with someone I admired - Ramit Sethi.

I had been studying Ramit closely for years. His Earn1K course helped me re-build my consultancy after the recession and I practically got a marketing MBA after I diligently studied his delicious library.

I prepared for over 30 hours for that brunch meeting, got fantastic feedback, and developed a mentor-mentee relationship that helped me rapidly build thousands of dollars of monthly recurring revenue in under a year.

I was now able to work on my own projects because my recurring revenue covered my expenses.

I’d like to show you exactly how to set up the systems required for building non time based recurring revenue for your software consultancy.

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